We offer recipes based on real, fresh and natural fruits and vegetables that result in a balanced, high quality and trendy Smoothie with exceptional flavour.
Our main goal is to enhance personal well-being and provide ADDED VALUE by introducing healthy and nutritious products to the fast food market.

Smoothfruit Smoothies are an excellent alternative to include healthy snacks in your personal or business meetings, your guests will be impressed by its taste and texture.

Whatever idea you have in mind for your corporate event, our team will help you put it into practice.

You have several options available that fit your needs, so you can choose :

- Your favourite flavours
- Size (ml/oz)
- The quantity
- Presentation (glass/bottle)
- Type of service (truck, stand, delivery)
- You can have the label of the bottle personalized
- You can receive an order at the right time
- You can order online