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Coffee and donuts? No thanks. It's time for something healthy at the table, so let Smoothfruit Bar whip up healthy and refreshing drinks in front of your guests and delicious and nutritious snacks at your next office event or personal meeting. You will surprise your guests with this original idea! You can request one of our services according to your preferences: The smoothie-truck, the stand or the delivery or customize the labels for your brand image or special event. Themes, tastes and services adapted to each occasion.
Our aim is to do what we can to make your events run as smoothly as possible with the help of our extremely tasty drinks. A smoothie for breakfast is fantastic for waking up your guests, especially at a multi-day conference or trade show. These events can be tiring even if they are exhilarating. What could be better than smoothies to boost everyone’s energy? Be health conscious: as delicious as they can be, our smoothies are also very healthy indeed! A protein smoothie for breakfast can brighten up the whole day and contribute to a healthier company culture.
If you're looking for corporate event ideas to earn goodwill and treat your guests, Smoothfruit Smoothies are happy to help. We are happy to hear from you and provide the perfect taste solution for events of all kinds and sizes. Contact us or fill out our contact form to start your taste journey.
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Smoothie Truck Service
We put at your disposal the installation of our smoothie truck outside your premises or in the place of your choice (parking, park, house, etc.) whatever your event: thank you employees, health break, meeting business, conferences, party, birthday, etc. We prepare our delicious smoothies on site and in front of your guests so that they can enjoy a healthy and freshly prepared snack.
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Formats + min units.
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9oz - 270ml 200 Units.
logo cant green
12oz - 354ml 150 Units.
Stand inside your facilities
Why not spoil your guests or employees with a healthy and nutritious smoothie without having it moved from the workplace? We move all our equipment to your facilities and adapt our bar to your space: kitchen, dining room or cafeteria to make our smoothies in front of your guests. Green suggestion: You can ask your guests to use their own cups to reduce the use of plastic glasses and thus have a friendly gesture with the environment!
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Formats + min units.
logo cant orange
9oz - 270ml 100 Units.
logo cant green
12oz - 354ml 75 Units.
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At this time we are not preparing in front of the guests due health security reasons until new notice. We provide bottled smoothies from the stand.
Personalized Delivery Service
You can have our smoothies delivered at any time of the day and surprise your guests or employees and boost them with a healthy snack during a busy day. We prepare the smoothies just before delivering to you so that your guests can enjoy a freshly made smoothie You can choose the format that suits you, your 3 favorite flavors, the place, date and time of delivery. Our smoothies are delivered in sealed bottles that we will collect in order to have a friendly gesture with the environment.
You can choose up to 3 flavors
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Formats + min units.
logo cant orange
9oz - 270ml 50 Units.
logo cant green
14oz - 400ml 40 Units.
Impress your guests, personalize your bottle
You can personalize the bottles whatever the format you choose (270ml or 400ml) with the printing of rectangular labels which will carry the logo of your company, a small message of thanks to your team or employees or simply to impress your guests with an original message Our smoothies are delivered in sealed bottles which we will collect later in order to make a friendly gesture with the environment. Our bottles are 100% recyclable.
Available format: 14oz / 400ml minimum required for this service: 50 units.
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Smoothfruit is a family business whose objective is to improve people's eating habits and create an experience with a positive impact, bringing well-being to your workspace with our different Mobile Bar products and services. Enjoy a healthy catering service for your company.

We have the new Smoothie-Packs, perfect to prepare a complete and healthy meal or to consume after an arduous physical training at any time of the day. You can order your box periodically with your favorite flavors!